Origen Festival auf dem Arcasplatz
Schlossoper Haldenstein
Choir stalls in the Cathedral of Chur

Origen Festival auf dem Arcasplatz

© Benjamin Huber 

Schlossoper Haldenstein

© Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden 

Choir stalls in the Cathedral of Chur

©Hugo Hafner, Chur 

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In Chur, many flowers have been blooming
for centuries.

In summer, edelweiss and gentians flower in the mountains high above Chur. Down in  the city, however, lilies have been blooming since late Gothic times. But the Old Town has much more to offer than the floral woodcarvings that adorn Chur's parlours of yesteryear: an over 800-year old cathedral, picturesque narrow streets for enjoying a stroll, and secluded squares where you can sit and watch the world go by. And all around, culture is flourishing. Including in new forms and colours.



  • Graubünden's museums

    Chur is home to Graubünden's three largest museums: the Rhaetian Museum, which is devoted to the history of Graubünden, the Museum of Fine Arts, with works by such artists as Alberto Giacometti, and the Natural History Museum, with its large collections of animals, fossils and minerals.

  • Festivals

    Chur is home to countless events. Whether classical, cultural or out-of-the-ordinary – here you can find everything. Come and see for yourself!

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