Origen Festival auf dem Arcasplatz
Schlossoper Haldenstein
Choir stalls in the Cathedral of Chur

Origen Festival auf dem Arcasplatz

© Benjamin Huber 

Schlossoper Haldenstein

© Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden 

Choir stalls in the Cathedral of Chur

©Hugo Hafner, Chur 

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Haldenstein Garden Festival

  • Schloss Haldenstein
  • The Haldenstein Garden Festival at Schloss Haldenstein – the first of its kind to be held in Switzerland – proved to be a resounding success when it was first staged in 2009. On the first weekend in June, numerous exhibitors with stands and show gardens, backed up by an interesting fringe programme, attract plant and garden enthusiasts from all over Switzerland, as well as from the neighbouring countries.


Origen Festival of Culture

  • Burg Riom
  • The name "Origen" is Rhaeto-Romanic and means "origin" or "creation". Accordingly, the festival programme can be perceived as a commitment to the cultural strength of a trilingual region that thrives on cultural exchange. The Origen Cultural Organisation stages the annual Origen Festival of Culture and is primarily devoted to the promotion and production of professional contemporary opera. 


Haldenstein Castle Opera

  • schlossoper by night
  • At the Haldenstein Castle Opera, the attractive backdrop of the historical buildings, the young winners of the international singing competition and the performance of major operas unite to give rise to a unique, unforgettable experience. The Graubünden Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, led by its principal conductor, Sebastian Tewinkel, guarantees music of outstanding quality. 


Chur Festival

  • Churerfest 2009
  • Every year in the middle of August, Chur celebrates its largest summer festival. Twenty-five festival sites with cuisine and music from all over the world await the 90,000 visitors in the narrow winding streets of Chur's Old Town. Over 40 clubs and societies – all voluntary helpers – unite to bring a multicultural happening to the capital city of Graubünden. A wide range of music and gastronomic delights can be enjoyed at this, the largest festival in south-eastern Switzerland. www.churerfest.org 

Chur Hit Parade

  • vespa umzug
  • The Chur Hit Parade takes place on the last Saturday in September and offers the approx. 27,000 visitors who make their way here each year an extremely entertaining and fun experience! Twenty colourfully decorated Hossamobiles, over 100 old automobile classics, dozens of motorbicycles and Vespas, and golden music hits guarantee to delight the public.


Advent in Chur

  • Churer Weihnachtsmarkt
  • During the Advent time, the illuminated Old town welcomes its guest with a warm atmosphere. The traditional Christmas Market (last November weekend) is followed by the Christkindl Market (beginning of December until Christmas). Sunday shopping is on the two Sundays before Christmas. The romantically illuminated icefield in the city center, which is open daily, is another highlight. Not to forget, the unique appeal of snow covered mountains around the Alpine City... enjoy the Advent time in Chur!


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