Haus Zschaler
Blick vom Mittenberg auf die Churer Altstadt
© Yvonne Bollhalder

Haus Zschaler

© Nicola Pitaro 

Blick vom Mittenberg auf die Churer Altstadt

© Andrea Badrutt, Chur 

© Yvonne Bollhalder


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Guided tours

The oldest city in Switzerland and important episcopal centre has many a story to tell. Centuries of history have shaped and left their mark on this place of transit. Immerse yourself in the past and experience Chur in a variety of ways. The most personal approach is, of course, with our highly knowledgeable tour guides. The most individual is under your own steam using our Audio Guide. And the most specific is by joining one of our specialised tours on such themes as water, the Willy Sand small power station or the powder mill. 

That being said, choosing is quite straighforward: no matter what you opt for, you will have made the right choice!

  • Public guided city tour

    Public guided tour through the oldest city in Switzerland, boasting 5,000 years of civilisation history. The tour follows a route on foot from the modern railway station, through the bustling centre, along the narrow winding streets of the Old Town, and up the hill to the 800-year old Cathedral.




  • Guided city tours for groups

    Guided city tours for groups, on request. You can choose date, time and meeting point. We organise different tours in German, English, French, Italian or Roman language (other languages on request). 

Audio Guide - 5,000 years in 120 minutes


Under your own steam, listening to the audio guide on your MP3 player, here you can find out more about the oldest city in Switzerland.


» With the Audio Guide through Chur